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Jayda Morelli

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Post by Jayda Morelli on Tue Jun 03, 2014 7:07 pm

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Jayda Morelli
|Only hate the road when you're missing home |

Full Name: Jayda Clare Morelli
Nicknames: Jay
Formal Title/Military Rank: None
Position: Companion
Home Planet: Megara
Religion: Atheist
Age: 23
Birthday: March 22; Aries
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

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Hair Color: Bright red
Eye Color: Blue
Height: five feet 8 inches  
Weight: 127 pounds
Build: Very feminine with some athletic tone

Overall Appearance: Jayda’s most outstanding characteristic is the vibrant colors of her head, her bright almost blood red hair frames her face, while her bright blue eyes shimmer and catch the light like gems. Her fair complexion is almost nearly flawless, whether from make up or not she won’t tell you. She’s an average height with graceful movements from her training, and naturally somewhat elegant. She holds herself with a little bit more pride then she ever wants to, but Jayda is proud of herself, and will always take great care to look her best at every moment of her day.

Her style is rather flows gowns, choosing deeper shades of colors over anything unusually bright. Her jewelry is almost always silver. When she’s working her clothing is rich and very pleasing to most people, as that is her job. While if you catch her without any intention of working, she can be seen in black and greys, loose harem pants and some sort of tank top with a loose cardigan hanging around her. She is almost always barefoot unless she is off ship.

As for body modifications, she is free of tattoos unlike her brother. The only thing she has done is pierced her nose, which she either keeps a silver stud or a small silver ring in.

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Personality Overview: Jayda is smart, much like her brother. Only her smarts come to reading people, much assisted by her training as a companion. She is skilled in reading people and phycology was one of the things she excelled in through training. She can get along with almost anyone and can persuade them to do anything if she choose to. Jayda is clever, and thinks fast when moments arise.

She is very laid back and calm most of the time, anytime some sort of flush of emotion runs around is usually when she is with her brother and their bickering reaches a dangerous level. She is usually the won to win the argument and calms down once more. One thing her training didn't exactly correct her in, is her temper, she tries her hardest to control how angry she gets, but sometimes it gets rather out of control and she looses all sort of elegance.

One thing that doesn’t actually bother her, is being called a whore, or any sort of term. She’s a very proud and confident woman, and knows who she is. Someone else's words against her simply give her an insight to the person, which she can use to her own advantage.

One of her biggest flaws, is her issue with authority, which has been a struggle for her all through her companion training. She doesn’t like being told what to do, or ordered to do anything she doesn't want to do.

Interests & Hobbies: As a Companion, Jayda has many different hobbies, she can play a good amount of instruments, even though it is one of the few things she does less often. And art, like her brother, is one of her greatest interests.

Jayda Morelli  Lyric4-1

History:Jayda grew up in the independent system of Megara, one of the more wealthy families on the planet. Jayda as well as her older brother, had the option to do whatever they pleased with their lives. While her brother found himself in more trouble, Jayda lived a normal pain free childhood, watching her brother take on the decline with a smirk. Growing up her and her brother were not to fond of each other, she was clever and liked getting in peoples heads, he was clever in a entirely different way. Too clever in Jayda’s mind.

It wasn't until the siblings were 10 and 11 that they managed to get closer. Ryan was heading toward a discipline their parents didn't quite agree with, and Jayda started to talk more with her brother. Understand that his trouble making she found so funny for all these years to be his brain being bored. He was that smart that everything was boring. She knew he was smarter than her, and their parents were so proud to have such brilliant children.

Jayda and Ryan grew very close for the three years, sharing everything, and speaking on subjects that were not always up a child’s area of knowledge. But they read anything they could get their hands on.

Jayda at age 13 choose to be a companion, she was determined even then that she could succeed in the vigorous training of the school. She was smart enough to get through the academic part of training. And through her training that was clear. As a girl, she wasn’t all that interested in the love aspect of being a companion, it was more the physiological parts that fascinated her.

But that meant leaving her brother. Something that she didn't have the easiest time doing. For years she wrote back and forth with him, telling him about her training and how she missed him very much. She heard of his move into the art world, learning how to put ink onto skin forever, and the drawings he was working on. She sent him her own drawing, which is now tattooed on her brothers leg. But while she was glad he was happy, he was also getting himself into more stupid trouble. She told him she would be registered and out of training in a few years, and traveling the planets was a plan she had thought of.

When he graduated as a captain, a ship and officer in tow, and her own shinny registration and training behind her, she choose his ship and his crew.

Family: Ryan Morelli

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Playby: I forgot her name
Pilot: RED
RP Expirence: Decade

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Password: Silverwheel

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Jayda Morelli
Jayda Morelli

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Post by Shelby on Tue Jun 03, 2014 8:20 pm

Looks great!

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