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Post by Ryan Morelli on Mon Jun 02, 2014 10:47 pm

Ryan Morelli  Lyric1-1-1

Ryan Morelli  Lovely
Ryan Morelli
|"All these morals, they're on pause" |

Full Name: Ryan Adam Morelli
Nicknames: Ry, Captain, Cap
Formal Title/Military Rank: Captain
Position: Captain of Arion
Home Planet: Megara
Religion: Atheist
Age: 24
Birthday: July 18; Cancer
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Ryan Morelli  Lyric2-1

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: Six Feet
Weight: 198 pounds
Build: Lean and Athletic

Overall Appearance: Ryan is tall lean and adorable. He also knows this. He has slightly longer wavy dark brown hair that is usually covered with a hat of some sorts, rarely does he go out without one. His hair is actually a lot longer than it seems, do to the fact that its very wavy it doesn't fall much shorter than the base of his head. he usually has a bit of stubbly chin beard going on, that he pulls off pretty well. His complexion is fair making his dark hair seem even more so. Ryan likes to look good, almost everyday. But not to grab attention, its just his style, to look a little on the vintage classy side. With normally button down shirts, and usually a tie of some sorts, and a vest on top, he looks very put together. While he has a vintage style to him, he does look professional, with his job at the research center, he tries to look less his age and more what he is capable of. His brown hazel eyes seem to always have a grin or smirk in them. And his smile is simply something to charm anyone. His ears are stretched and have little white plugs sitting in them at all times.

For anyone who first sees Ryan, he looks somewhat professional, despite the plugs. If Ryan were to ever roll up his sleeves, the opposite is true. Ryan' arms, chest, and parts of his legs are almost completely covered. Most of it was at least drawn by him, while tattooed by another. His back has an unfinished image of a ship with stars around it. But apart from that one, the jungle on his right arm, the ocean on his left, and the lion on his chest, are all brightly colored. His legs, the trees that wrap around his left calf, are half color, the leaves in bright autumn colors, while the barks is black and white. On his right upper leg, is an abstract bit of art, drawn by his sister.

Ryan Morelli  Lyric3-1

Personality Overview: Ryan is complicated, He's extremely smart, and can be extremely crude. Though while he is both of these, is is also the sweetest, kindest, most gentle guy out there. He's charming and very likable. Friendly, but can be a pain in the ass with his friends, specially if they are girls. Ryan though as sweet and super smart, can be an idiot. Ryan has a problem, this very problem makes him sometimes very crude and could earn him a slap to the face if he wasn't careful. Ryan may or may not be the horniest man most people know. Everything can be turned dirty in his head, even if he keeps it to himself. He sees the beauty in every woman he passes, even when others don't. But sometimes his thoughts on such a matter slip and he's running from the possibility of getting hit.

Ryan can get very serious very fast when it comes to his job, he almost always keeps it fun unless it gets real bad. But most the time he's still making jokes about the whole thing. His crew is his family, literally and figuratively, he's protective of them, and doesn't second chance any penalties for those that cross them.

Interests & Hobbies: Ryan loves to read, really old books are his guilty pleasure, something he doesn't always admit to, and doesn't wave around. His second love, is art, from his appearance thats obvious. if not reading, or doing captain things, he's most often drawing something somewhere.   

Ryan Morelli  Lyric4-1

History: Ryan grew up on the independent system of Megara, one of the more wealthy families on the planet. He as well as his little sister had the option to do whatever they wanted. Ryan found himself in more trouble while his sister was the perfect little devil his parents adored. She was perfect in their eyes, never getting in any trouble at school, always doing the right thing at the right thing, while Ryan though a year older seemed to be finding all trouble that Megara had to offer. So it was safe to say the siblings had a bit of a rivalry between themselves. He was too smart to keep himself out of trouble.

There childhood hatred ran its course when he turned 11 and his sister was 10, they managed to find the middle ground which grew into the friendship they have now. Ryan decided to go into art, and his parents had expected him to be a doctor or a scientist, the brain he had. But he went with art. When his parents reached a new level of disappointment in their son, he started to talk more to his sister. He was smart, running on genius as was his sister, only his brain got bored with everything which was where his trouble making started.

For three years he and Jayda grew very close, sharing everything about school, to their opinions about the solar system they belonged in. They started to read everything they could get their hands on, getting smarter on subjects they would later learn in their education.

When he was fourteen and very actively taking art classes, his sister left him. Going of to be a companion, and it broke him. Those three years of their childhood, had made Jayda his best friend, and now he’d have to finish growing up alone. He considered following, he knew he could handle the academic aspect of the companion training, but he unlike his sister was not so keen on everything else. He didn't want training in people, or love, or martial arts. So he stayed with his parents, and survived the years through his art and his sisters letters.

They started writing a year after the left, sharing what they were learning, he would share the art he was working on, tell her about how fascinating it was to see it lasting forever on his skin. And she told him about people, how they worked on that moon. She sent him a bit of art, something she had drawn while in training, and he got it inked on his leg. He wasn’t sure when he’d ever see his sister again, so it was a little bit of her he could have with him. She sent him a message saying she would be done with training in a few years. And he made something of himself.

He left for the Academy at age 21, he was older than most the students, but moved quickly through the classes, he had motivation now. At age 24 he graduated as a captain. He got the Arion, and his first mate, and moved to pick his sister up as well as members of his crew.

Family:Jayda Morelli

Ryan Morelli  Lyric5

Playby: Bobby Hicks
Pilot: RED
RP Expirence: Decade

Ryan Morelli  Lyric6

Password: Your mom

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Ryan Morelli  Empty Re: Ryan Morelli

Post by Shelby on Mon Jun 02, 2014 11:10 pm

Looks good!

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