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Asteria is back up and running! Season One is complete and Season Two is well underway. Enjoy, sit back, and perhaps enjoy a glass of wine--just like your moderators!

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Timeline of Asteria

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Timeline of Asteria Empty Timeline of Asteria

Post by Shelby on Wed Jun 04, 2014 12:58 pm

AE, After Exodus

21 AE: Human settlers from a ruined earth find themselves in the Aegean System and hope to settle permanently, a woman among them instructs them to land at Delphi and her sons take small convoys out to explore other planets.
25 AE: The religion of Asteria is founded after surprising revelations that prove to be true are made public.
22-146 AE: Planets are slowly adjusted to meet the needs of humans who wish to live there. Each planet is home to a colony of self-governing people.
148 AE: In hopes of securing more consistent resources, the colony at Sparthan attacks Latvinia, sparking similar power struggles across the fragile establishments.
150 AE: Although unable to turn the Sparthans away, Latvinians are able to call on newly made allies to come to their aid, turning the tides.
151 AE: With the help of their allies, Latvinia is free once more and Sparthans are forced back to their desert planet with repercussions of war. 
165 AE: In the years that followed, attempts for peace have been made and talks are in the works to establish a formal alliance.
167 AE: A formal library is established on Athens, containing a collection of masterworks saved from earth, collected from families of those who had made the exodus. Mass reprints and digital copies help save the written word for generations to come.
462 AE: The Academy is founded on Athens as a prestigious military school, accepting officer applicants from across the system to form the leadership for the steadily growing fleet.
2024-2028 AE: Violent revolts break out on Byzantium by men known as Separatists who call for independance from the Summit and its alliance. The riots, much like a wildfire, are hard to contain and even more lives are lost, cutting Byzantium's population by a third when everything is over. The Summit was able to capture most of the rebel leaders and put them away on Cerberus, but others escaped, although the official announcements say otherwise. In already declining popularity, Delphi's refusal to become involved causes many to turn away from the faith they'd created. 
2030 AE: Sensing that the violence had been contained for the time being, much of the fleet was retired as a sign of peace, being docked at Athens, Sparthan, and Byzantium. Several smaller ships were kept around and in working condition in the case that intelligence needed to be gathered on the ground.
2048 AE: Where our story begins

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