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Adonis 'Don' Dali

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Adonis 'Don' Dali  Empty Adonis 'Don' Dali

Post by Adonis 'Don' Dali on Tue Jun 03, 2014 8:32 pm

Adonis 'Don' Dali  Lyric1-1-1

Adonis 'Don' Dali  D9d9f69e-1333-4f55-b999-89fb3e2ca93c
Adonis Dali
|I'm out of sight, I'm out of mind|

Full Name: Adonis Leto Dali
Nicknames: Don
Formal Title/Military Rank: none
Position: Hired Gun
Home Planet: Sparthan
Religion: Agnostic
Age: 23
Birthday: September 5th; Virgo
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Adonis 'Don' Dali  Lyric2-1

Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark gray, tint of blue
Height: five feet 11 inches
Weight: 155 pounds
Build: Lean and muscular

Overall Appearance: Gray eyes, that show everything he is feeling, with dark brown hair that is mostly shaved on the sides of his head, the top of his head being only slightly longer. Don is attractive with a lean build, standing at almost six feet tall, he is about as strong as he looks. Not much is hidden about what to expect when looking at him. He dresses plainly, jeans, sometimes worn and dirty. He usually wears plain T-shirts and the occasional, white button up, always rolled to his elbows. Along his arms are a few needle mark scars, though he makes an effort to hide them.

But the most noticeable feature when looking at him, are the tattoos and piercings. Don has many holes in his face, one small ring on the the right side of his nose, with studs higher up on both sides of his nose. He has two more studs at his left temple beside his eye. On his left ear he has three diamond studs, two beside each other higher, and one at the top of his ear lobe. Both his ears are stretched to about 3/4 in size, which are usually filled with plain black plugs. Don is also covered in ink, the one anyone would notice first, is the owl on his neck, the wings stretch out and around his neck, the feet of the owl landing just below his collar bones. The second largest piece is the bear on the center of his chest. And a compass rose just below that. On top of those is a design much like a necklace that wraps around the base of his neck, and down to a cross that lays over the compass.

On the left side of his face near his ear is what looks like a woman whispering toward his ear. His arms are also covered his right more than his left. Both his forearms, and up right upper arm are covered on mostly abstract designs. On his hands he has red roses, and his fingers are tattooed, with the words, 'Work' and 'Free'.

Adonis 'Don' Dali  Lyric3-1

Personality Overview: Adonis is an extremely loyal person, if someone gives him a reason to follow them, he will, and he will without any thought of ever betraying them. He may give off a sense of strength and brutal viciousness, but he however is not. He has a very hard time letting someone hurt go without helping them as much as he can. He has always had a conscious that won't let him just walk away or forget. If someone needs help and calls to him, he'll stop and help. Adonis isn't a very outgoing man, he can be very quiet and invisible to a crowd of people without trying too hard, he has learned over his life that it's much easier to be unseen and unheard than standing in the spotlight.

Adonis, hates his real name, it reminds him of what he was supposed to be and not who he is. He rarely introduced himself as Adonis, and will go as long as possible without saying his real name. Don is the short version that he found to work best, and since he was little, that's what he went by.

Don is terrified of his sister, but he also loves her dearly, he struggles with what she does, but can't bring himself to go against the one person that was ever there for him. He is aware that if he doesn't keep a good standing with her, he is more or less dead. While he is a pansy compared to his sister, he still stands for what he believes and will fight for it, as long as it isn't against his sister. But he can’t be around her anymore, for his own life safety.

Interests & Hobbies: Don has no real hobbies, his interests have been made into his job. He's still kinda lost.

Adonis 'Don' Dali  Lyric4-1

History: Adonis was born out of a mother living in fear, and a father who's profession was murder. His father, a serial killer that had killed over 30 women, kidnapped his mother for the sole reason of having a son. Instead he got Adonis and his twin sister Morgana. After the birth of his twins, he had no more reason for the mother and added her onto his list of accomplishments. Raising the two on his own, he expected Adonis to be the one to take the lead and follow him, instead his son was far from what he wanted. Adonis learned to fear his father, and hide behind whatever Morgana did.

Adonis was the forgotten child as he and his sister grew older. While his sister and father trained and learned all there was to killing, Adonis watched, he couldn't bring himself to torture as his family did, but he also couldn't bring himself to betray his sister and go to anyone about it. His life was pretty easy, unless his father remembered he existed, then Don became the punching bag. He was used as an example, whenever his sister was to learn some new fighting exercise, it was Don that she went up against. So while he learned way of fighting, he was always expected to lose.

There was one thing that Don always knew was good and that was his sister, when his father was angry, and came looking for the soul in the house that wouldn't fight back, his sister would step in and save him. Whenever they were pitted against each other, she would only beat him up enough for their father to be pleased, she would patch him back up, and made him believe she cared.

When their father died, and Morgana moved away from the killing life, he followed without a second thought. He did what she told him to do, and anything she told him to do. When drugs came into his sisters job, he found relief in many of them, becoming addicted, and it wasn’t until he had a rather bad almost over dose that he decided his life was worth more than his sister saw him. He made his way out of Sparthan on the Arion, letting his old life stay on the desert planet and pray know one found out what he’s done.

Family:Morgana Dali -Twin

Adonis 'Don' Dali  Lyric5

Playby: Jimmy Q
Pilot: Red
RP Expirence: Decade

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Password: Silverwheel

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Adonis 'Don' Dali
Adonis 'Don' Dali

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Post by Shelby on Wed Jun 04, 2014 1:18 am


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