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Asteria is back up and running! Season One is complete and Season Two is well underway. Enjoy, sit back, and perhaps enjoy a glass of wine--just like your moderators!

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Rules of Asteria

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Rules of Asteria Empty Rules of Asteria

Post by Shelby on Mon Jun 02, 2014 9:22 pm

Rules of Asteria Banner10

1| There will be no god-modding, power playing, or meta gaming. These are all things that are damaging to the role play experience and will not be tolerated here whatsoever. You will be asked to change your post and if you do not comply your post will be deleted. If the problem persists, you will be banned.

-God-Modding; This occurs when a player takes control of another members character without that members permission.

-Power Playing; Is when a member manipulates their characters abilities so that they have the upper hand in every situation, that they are never vulnerable.

-Meta Gaming; This happens when a member may know something will occur in a role play and this somehow transfers into their character knowing beyond the scope of what they should know about the current situation and how it will pan out.

2| Due to the nature of Asteria, some scenes will be best played with quick, shorter responses and others with more lengthy replies. Please determine what kind of scene you will be playing before the writing begins so that you give what you get.

3| With that being said, minimum word count is 150 words. 

4| Lore breaking has no place here. Asteria has plenty of similarities found across the "space western" genre and many aspects that are unique to Asteria alone. Please respect this uniqueness by reading the Universe section and making  yourself familiar with what is, and what is not part of this story.

5| Due to the nature of Forum Motion's terms and conditions, content of a graphic nature is not allowed on this site and this board has been pulled down to the PG-13 level. However we are trying to keep the site as realistic as possible and we expect there to be death, love, and new life within Asteria. You may not though, go into great detail about such events and we keep a strict 'fade to black' rule, anyone caught trying to get around this here on the site through a private board or PM's will be banned. 

If you have questions or need clarification about this rule concerning an upcoming scene that contains important plot/character development outside of this rule, please PM an admin for the steps that need to be taken.

6| Liquid time is used here, meaning your character can be in up to three scenes at one time, Threads started first will be the first in Asteria's timeline. Careful not get into meta gaming here. If you need more on this PM an admin.

7| Rules are subject to change and such changes will be announced through an announcement. Asteria Staff has the final say on any issues that may arise. Recurring rule breakers will be thrown out the airlock and into a black hole.

8| Be kind and respectful to your fellow writers.

Rules of Asteria Banner11

9| There is one Major Character per account. 

10| You may have up to 3 main characters. Providing that you are an active member with positive contributions, more characters will be allowed upon request via PM to an admin.

11| All character play-bys must be that of a real person such as a celebrity, musician, or model. No characters will be accepted if they fail to have a named play-by.

12| Only staff members can approve your characters.

13| Minor Characters are associated with a Major Character and are to be posted from the account of the Major Character they belong to. A Minor Character is someone who appears more than once in a Major Character's story and can interact with other Major Characters from that account. Examples of Minor Characters include family members, mentors, coworkers, etc...

14| WIP Character profiles are encouraged so the staff can preview your characters to make sure and catch any lore issues early. If you have trouble with creating an appropriate back story, don't hesitate to ask an admin for help. Please do not have your character lingering as incomplete for more than two weeks or it will be archived.

Rules of Asteria Banner10

15| Due to the nature of Forum Motion, it is required for you to have two e-mail addresses if you plan on having more than one character. Details on this can be found in the FAQ section.

16| If you are going to be gone for a period of time more than two weeks, please let us know in The Cantina! If a user is completely inactive for more than one month, their characters and scenes will be archived. 

17| It doesn't matter what name you register an account with, but be sure to change it once you get a character name chosen. First Name 'Optional Nickname' Last Name is the structure we require. Note that you will need to log in with this new user name. ex: Jackson 'Lisbeth' Arianrhod or simply Jackson Arianrhod

Rules of Asteria Banner11

18| Avatars for accounts can be no bigger than 150 x 200 no bigger. 

19| ALL graphics must be under 500 pixels wide. No exceptions, it'll stretch the page. The means, signatures, plot pages, templates, and character pictures in the application. 

20| Graphics may not contain NSFW images of any kind. Violators will be thrown into a black hole.

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