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Post by Jackson Arianrhod on Thu Jul 17, 2014 7:14 pm

A joint post, between Shelby and Red.

Ryan looked bored in class, looking at the clock, they were supposed to get out a minute ago. He fidgeted with the tie around his neck, loosening it even more. As the dismissal sounded, he jumped to his feet, looking towards the door, well, at first, then his eyes moved to the skirts, really that's what they picked for a uniform? It was like they were just asking for something to happen. And Ryan had shamelessly taken advantage of that. Shawn leapt up, grinning at Ryan now that class was over. He weaved his way through their classmates with a few too many accidental brushes against the girls, smirking. He put his weight on Ryan's table, "Freshmen girls got their uniforms today, wanna go check it out?" He beamed, shoving his text books into his bag.

Ryan smirked, "Ah the freshmen," he nodded, slinging the bag over his shoulder, "Every year it gets better." he said, standing up and bumping into one of the other girls leaving, "Hey Cassie, you studying tonight?" he asked, a charming smile on his face, watching her roll her eyes and move out of the room. "Why are the girls in our class acting like they have a ship up their ass." he looked back to Shawn. Shawn shrugged with a grin, heading up the stairs of the lecture hall and out into the warm sunshine of the complex. He looked around, pushing himself up onto a concrete wall, "There they are!" He grinned, pointing to the sea of navy blue skirts swishing about knees. Ryan leaned back against the cement wall, watching with a small grin. "Such a great day." he muttered, watching them get closer, eyeing down each face, like he was hunting for a target.

Shawn grinned, "Go ahead, pick one. I got the scoop from Marissa this morning." Ryan glanced up at him, "The little blonde, far side, looks like she could be talked into something." he smirked, looking back, "Red hair, never gone after a girl with red hit before." his smile widened. Shawn looked them over, "Kate..Katie, something like that." He shrugged, looking at the blonde before he glanced at the redhead, grinning, "Morelli, my man, you don't want a piece of that, not with your record!" He laughed. Ryan laughed looking up again, "Is that a challenge Shawn?" "That's Arianrhod's daughter, Rear Admiral Arianrhod." He laughed, "Got some boy name, Jackson I think?" He shrugged. Ryan crossed his arms, "Now you're just tempting me, She would be the biggest challenge, and I've always had a fondness for pissing superiors off." he chuckled, watching her get closer, "I'm getting a closer look," he said, walking away and into the sea of girls, moving around them, keeping his eyes ahead, brushing into them, until he passed the red head, his hand brushing across her backside more than an accident, but he kept moving, a grin on his face.

Jackson's head whipped around, eyes searching the crowd as she smoothed over her skirt, breaking from the others and heading down the sidewalk under the awning, glancing over her shoulder. Ryan moved the roundabout way back to Shawn, pulling himself up onto the wall, "Yup, That one. I feel suicidal this year." he joked, though his eyes still watched them walk off. Shawn shook his head, "I hear she's killed a man, you wouldn't be the first." He teased, bumping against Ryan. "While you were out plotting your own death I stopped Julie, says the new girl has library after this. You could go and catch her, see if you can sweet talk your way friendly." He grinned. Ryan held out his hands, "How many girls did you stop today, damn. Gonna list the damn class soon." he shook his head, "Maybe, that one might take time though. She give any info on an easy one?" he looked back out, "might as well have a little backup." Shawn shrugged, smirking, "I'm just lookin' out for ya!" He leaned back on his hands, "Easy girls..." He nodded to a dark headed girl with tan skin, "That one just broke up with her boyfriend." Ryan nodded, "I love being a rebound. Cheer her right up." He dropped down from the wall, "You are keeping the good ones for yourself, gathering all your information." he pointed, "But, as long as you share." he laughed, "I have a book to check out now." he turned away. "Give Julie a kiss for me!" he yelled back. Shawn laughed, watching him go, pushing himself off the wall and heading to his next class.


Jackson tucked back a strand of hair, pushing a metal cart full of books, putting them away where they belonged, straightening up shelves. She picked up two, climbing up on a step stool, reaching up to put them away on the top shelf as one foot bobbed up for balance. Ryan looked between the line of shelves, looking for her somewhere. He walked past her on the step stool, taking a backstop, and turning down the line, grabbing books off the shelves at random. Tilting his head slightly. Jackson stacked the books, letting her foot back down onto the unbalanced step stool. Ryan looked at the stool, his brain working out exactly what he was doing. He moved past her grabbing another random book, sneaking a foot out to knock the step stool out from under her, turning quickly, dropping the pile of books to reach out and catch her before she hit the floor. Jackson gasped, falling back into his arms, looking up at him. "Uh-thanks." She nodded, wondering when exactly he was going to set her down.

Ryan grinned at her, mostly because her skirt was no longer lying flat. "No problem." he said, unable to help himself his eyes traveling down her. Jackson frowned, realizing where his eyes were, grabbing the hem of her skirt and pulling it down over her thighs, "You can put me down anytime." She put her hand against his chest, pushing away. "Uh." his eyes moved back up, "Yeah, sorry." he said setting down, trying to hide the smile. "You a freshmen?" he asked, bending to pick up his pile of books. She nodded, smoothing over her skirt with a frown, "Yup." She leaned back against the bookshelf, reading over the titles of the books he had with him, smirking at little. He wasn't in here for books. Ryan nodded, "Nice," seeing her smirk, "What are you doing tonight?" he asked, not taking any more time. Jackson tilted her chin up a little ways, "Combatives." She smirked, watching him as she crossed her arms. Ryan nodded, taking a step toward her, "I mean after that," he said putting his hand on the shelf next to her, "When you're free?" he glanced down her, before his eyes moved back to her face. Jackson looked him over, amused by just how close he thought he could get to her, "Who are you?" She asked, curious. "Names Ryan." he said with the same charming grin, "And you?" "Jackson." She nodded, catching how nice he smelled, lips parting slightly, hanging on to her last name and keeping it to herself. "You didn't answer, if you're free later." Ryan raised a brow at her, managing to get a little closer to her. Jackson leaned back with her shoulders against the bookcase, eyes on his, "What did you have in mind, Ryan?" She asked, cocking a brow. Ryan grinned, "Just being friendly, show someone new around, meet some people, hang out a little." he said, his voice a little softer, "Just have a good time." Jackson tucked a curl back behind her ear, biting the bottom corner of her lip as she considered, "I grew up on Athens, I think I can find my way around." She smiled a little, curious if he would press the offer. Ryan shook his head, "Thats not what I mean darlin', I mean connections, other students, friends." he smiled, "Wouldn't it be better if you had more than other freshman?" Jackson tilted her head, "That would be nice." She agreed, still no sold on him being here just to make friends. He was handsome, forward as hell, but handsome. Ryan grinned, "What time?" he'd find her, he was committed to his death now. Jackson smiled a little, "I get done at seven."

Ryan had gotten very close to her, barely an inch between them, leaning down he kissed her, his hand running down the side of her to her butt. Jackson was surprised, her arms unfolding, one hand grabbing the wrist that had wrapped itself around her hip, pulling her lips away from him and whipping her forehead back towards him, headbutting him with a snort, using his wrist to twist his arm up behind his back, pushing his face into the bookshelf, "You really need to work on your approach, way too forward." She chuckled. Ryan shifted getting his face out of the bookshelf, "You need to loosen up a little," he said strained, "Will ya let go!" he fought against for a second, "Damn it." Jackson smirked, "And you need to stop being so loose." She let go of him, pushing her cart away, skirt swishing about her hips as she walked away. Ryan rubbed his wrist, "I'm still finding you at seven, miss Jackson!" he yelled after her, a grin on his face, leaving his books on the floor, and turning away.
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