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Asteria is back up and running! Season One is complete and Season Two is well underway. Enjoy, sit back, and perhaps enjoy a glass of wine--just like your moderators!

Be sure to check out the updates to Across the Universe: A Guide to the Galaxy!
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions Empty Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Shelby on Sat Jun 21, 2014 5:20 pm

Here are all the questions that have been asked in the past, and we'll add any new ones people decide to ask them. Questions can be posted on this board, and deleted as answered. Please make sure you read all information on all boards before asking a question here. 

All questions will be answered by admins and added to this list.

1| Why can't I make two accounts? It's telling me I can't! 
-- In order to make another account, and due to Forumotion not allowing multiple accounts on one email, there is a bit of a process. There is a trick to getting around it however. One, you must have another email to put the new account on. Make it with that one THEN tell an admin to change that account to your original email via PM. (Admins Will NOT share or use that email for any reason) and then do the same process for the amount of characters you want. We apologize for any inconvenience as it is an issue with Forumotion. 

2| Where do I even get started?
--Great question! You've probably noticed there's only one ship listed right now and that's because there aren't enough members to populate another yet. If you're interested in starting another ship, let an admin know and we can set that up for you and another member and provide you with two 'missions' (writing prompts) each month.

3| Are there aliens of any kind?
--No. At this point in time the only playable races are humans. As far as animals go, think earth normal, with potential for genetic mutations. The only place you'd really find that would be Byzantium, because let's be honest, who knows what's out in those jungles waiting to eat you.


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