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Post by Jackson Arianrhod on Tue Jun 03, 2014 12:41 am

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Jackson Arianrhod Jackso11
Jackson Arianrhod
|All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.|

Full Name: Jackson Elizabeth Arianrhod
Nicknames: LT,  Lieutenant, Jackie
Formal Title/Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Second in Command of the Arion
Home Planet: Athens
Religion: Asterian
Age: 23
Birthday: March 28; Aries
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Jackson Arianrhod Lyric2-1

Hair Color: Copper
Eye Color: Olive
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 128 lbs
Build: Toned and strong, but feminine
Overall Appearance: Overall, her skin is fair and unblemished above her graceful throat. Below the shoulders her toned body, modestly feminine and softly curved, is almost completely muscle--earned from a hard life looking out for herself. She has several small scars around her ribs, hands, and legs from fights and other unexpected encounters.

Her copper colored hair is reminiscent of a shiny new penny and falls mid-back in soft waves and curls. Her hair is never straight. She typically wears it down, but will sometimes pull it back into a bun if she’s working.

Her posture is straight and she moves fluidly, her motions precise and intentional. She’s quick on her feet and doesn't pull her punches. She knows just how to put all 128 pounds of her body to good use and fights using her opponent's strength against them. Although a self-disciplined individual, she does have nervous habits which include: biting/licking her lips, pushing her hair around, and rapping her fingers.

Jackson often wears simple clothing in muted colors so she doesn't attract too much attention to herself. She wears her uniform only when required, preferring to wear khaki pants or jeans and white button up shirts, with rolled up sleeves or a tank top. She always carries her tablet with her, containing all the important information she could need for her work. Jackson wears boots most often and her clothing is close fitting to avoid people grabbing hold of her as easily.  

Jackson Arianrhod Lyric3-1

Personality Overview: Jackson has an air that is confident and calm, but she doesn't seek out large social groups, preferring to watch and study them from afar. She has a have a high sense of self-worth and respects herself and those who make impressions on her. Her memory is like a steel trap and her mind is sharp. Jackson always tries to be ready for anything. She has an alpha-female attitude and has never relied on anyone but her father for anything. She is strong-willed, independent, and decisive. She has natural leadership qualities and is willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants and rise through the ranks to outshine her father. Jackson has never been in any kind of serious relationship, mostly due to lack of time and investment on her part. 

Although she is strong and comfortable, she isn’t outwardly aggressive and doesn’t seek out altercations even though she has full capacity to kick ass. Jackson has a mean streak when provoked and is vicious in a fight. She takes good care of her body, training daily to keep up her strength and dexterity as well as eating as best she can manage. When she’s working her empathy seems to take a backseat to getting the job done. She can deal with the moral repercussions after she’s finished. Sometimes she can come across as cold and distant, but emotionally separating herself from the task at hand helps her to focus more clearly. Her coldness is most obvious when she is facing a difficult situation, distancing herself emotionally so she can make the most logical and rewarding outcomes possible.

Interests & Hobbies: Jackson enjoys sparring, yoga, and travel. She enjoys working with firearms and reading poetry when she can find the time.

Jackson Arianrhod Lyric4-1

History: Jackson was born to Antone and Amalee Arianrhod on March 28 on Athens. Her father, a devout Asterian, had gone on pilgrimage to Delphi for the Festival of Colors where he met Amalee, a young priestess at the temple. The couple fell in love and were soon married, Amalee giving up her position as a priestess in order to do so. Antone was a military man and so the couple moved back to his home planet of Athens to raise their daughter. Jackson is named after her uncle who had disappeared during the Byzantine revolts. She grew up happy and unwanting in the mountains and forests of Athens, always dreaming of attending The Academy. Antone had risen through the ranks himself, his actions during the revolts earning him promotions. By the time Jackson was 16 he had become Rear Admiral of the United Space Fleet. 

However she wasn't to spend her 16th year at home, but was instead shipped off to the hot desert waste of Sparthan to enlist. She spent the next four years working as hard as she could to become strong physically, mentally, and emotionally. While on an early mission to contain and extinguish a riot, she was grabbed and held at gunpoint. Her comrades, inexpedience and fearful, didn't make the situation any better and Jackson ended up with a bullet in her chest, leaving a scar under her left collarbone. The wound was self-inflicted, however, as she used their height difference to send the bullet through her and into his lung, collapsing it. This is where she earned fearful respect. The incident caused a stir but she requested it to be hushed when she left for the Academy.

She arrived there at 20 and spent the next three years studying tirelessly. She continues to work hard and as per her request, is assigned to a starship for more hands on work as an officer in the United Space Fleet. She keeps her history to herself, including her bullet wound and the position of her father when and where possible. She is aware that Arianrhod is not a common surname.

Family:Antone and Amalee Arianrhod

Jackson Arianrhod Lyric5

Playby: Holland Roden
Pilot: Shelby
RP Expirence: Eight years.

Jackson Arianrhod Lyric6

Password: Silverwheel

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Post by RED on Tue Jun 03, 2014 12:56 am


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