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Asteria is back up and running! Season One is complete and Season Two is well underway. Enjoy, sit back, and perhaps enjoy a glass of wine--just like your moderators!

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Need to Know and Plot

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Need to Know and Plot Empty Need to Know and Plot

Post by Shelby on Sun Jun 01, 2014 9:25 pm

In a system of planets inhabited by the last known survivors of the human race, a diplomatic government has been formed, The Summit. Twenty years ago a group of terrorists known as Separatists started violent revolts on the jungle planet of Byzantium and thousands of innocents were left dead. Most of the Separatists were put down, but some remain loose in the jungles continuing to terrorize civilians while others have escaped off-world to spread chaos and destruction. The Summit has recruited dozens of captains from it's military to create fully functioning star ships--ready at all times--to fulfill the needs of maintaining the government and the peace of the Aegean System.

Asteria follows the Arion, a refurbished star ship put back into commission for the use of Captain Ryan Morelli and his crew.

Follow along on and create the adventure as the Captain and his crew adventure into the big black on mysterious missions, fighting tooth and nail along the way. Remaining undercover they move planet to planet as more information is discovered and more friends and enemies are made.

Every section of the Universe category needs to be read through in order to grasp a better understanding of the setting and distinct customs unique to Asteria.

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