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United Space Fleet

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United Space Fleet Empty United Space Fleet

Post by Shelby on Sun Jun 01, 2014 9:16 pm

The United Space Fleet (USF) is controlled by The Summit and submits to the will of the Prime Minister. Officers train on Athens at The Academy while enlisted members train at Sparthan.

-You may enlist at age 16 on Sparthan and are required to serve at least 4 years.
-You may attend officers school on Athens at age 18 and the program takes a year per rank up until Captain.

*Pilots who have not joined the military are contracted through the flight school at Sparthan. They train and pass their certification and this grants them the ability to fly military ships under contract provided they pass screenings.

Historically, the military has avoided conflict, usually only responding to natural disasters, providing security, and preforming exploratory missions. However, twenty years ago a violent uprising of Separatists on Byzantium prompted military action from the Summit. An excessively bloody response was given, putting out the rebellion and silencing rebel leaders. This conflict was expensive not only in monetary means, but in human lives as well. After the conflict was resolved the military increased its presence around the system while special operation crews operate undercover, posing as civilians.


  • O1 Ensign, ENS
  • O2 Lieutenant Junior Grade, LTJG
  • O3 Lieutenant, LT
  • O4 Captain, CPT
  • O5 Major, MAJ
  • O6 Lieutenant Colonel, LtCol
  • O7 Colonel, COL
  • O8 Commander, CMD
  • O9 Rear Admiral, RAdm
  • O10 Vice Admiral, VAdm
  • O11 Admiral, Adm


  • E1 Private, Pvt
  • E2 Private First Class, PFC
  • E3 Lance Corporal, LCpL
  • E4 Corporal, Cpl
  • E5 Sergeant, Sgt
  • E6 Staff Sergeant, SSgt
  • E7 Gunnery Sergeant, GySgt
  • E8 Master Sergeant, MSgt
  • E8 First Sergeant, 1stSgt
  • E9 Master Gunnery Sergeant, MGySgt
  • E9 Sergeant Major, SgtMaj

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