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The Summit

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Post by Shelby on Sun Jun 01, 2014 9:07 pm

The Summit is the main government body in charge of the Aegean System.

Each planet has its own system of government and planet-side leadership who nominates a Senator to represent them in the Senate (similar to the United Nations Security Council). These Senators attend session at Corinth's capital building, The Summit. There they make laws, maintain peace, and encourage trade between planets, among other duties. Each Senator has a veto power but it takes three veto votes to stop an action.

Cerberus is the planet exception to full senate representation. Because it is designated as a prison planet it has no formal government. As such, the free  living on Cerberus are considered represented by their home planets.

Inhabited moons and planet chains like Greccia* are represented by Junior Senators, who sit with the Senators, but do not have veto power.

The Senate is led by one of its own senior members in a rotating leadership that takes away their veto power and allows them to instead direct the agenda for the Senate.  The role of Prime Minister is transferred once a year except in times of conflict in which up to a two year extension can be added onto the term if agreed upon by the majority of all senators (both Junior and Senior). The Prime Minister has direction over the .

         Senior Senators: Athens, Byzantium, Corinth, Delphi, Greccia (prime), Latvinia, Sparthan

         Junior Senators: Aphrodite, The Carina Nebula, Cerberus, Eros, Greccia (secondary planets)

Because each planet has its own leadership its head of state is different in representational rights from its senator. These leaders meet with each other along with their cabinets in the General Assembly to further communicate with each other. The host planet for the General Assembly is rotated as well.

Visiting Diplomats from the Pleiades Nebula sometimes sit in on Senate sessions, but because the Pleiades Nebula is not part of the alliance between the planets they do not have full representation or any voting rights. Occasionally, they send lobbyists when a Senate action threatens to disturb trade regulations or military actions occur in their space.

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