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Post by Bayden Hunter on Wed Jul 02, 2014 4:08 am

Bayden Hunter Lyric1-1-1

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Bayden Hunter
|It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.|

Full Name: Bayden Alexander Hunter
Nicknames: Bay, Gypsy, Eight Ball, Fortune Cookie, etc...
Formal Title/Military Rank: N/A
Position: Asterian Seer
Home Planet: Delphi
Religion: Asterian
Age: 20
Birthday: February 29; Pisces
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Bayden Hunter Lyric2-1

Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Aquamarine
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150 lbs
Build: Lean and a little toned

Overall Appearance: Lithe and slight, Bayden doesn't appear to be much physically. His pale skin is covered completely in freckles, scattered over his body like the very constellations he worships. While he doesn't have a lot of weight to him, he's lean and toned, body flexible from years of yoga. A mop of wavy red hair makes his fair skin look even lighter, often rowdy and out of place, cowlicks common. Aside from the  mess of hair, his most noticeable feature are his aquamarine eyes. Never quite sure if they're green or blue, they most often shine with mischief of the most innocent nature. He wears his emotions for all to see, reflected in his expressive face and physicality. He makes himself as small as possible when he's spooked.

Most often he wears only pants, usually soft khakis that hit mid-calf, when he is on the ship. When required, he wears his Asterian robes, the large white fabric a little too stuffy for his free nature, typically leaving at least part of his chest and an arm exposed. Rarely, if ever, does he wear shoes. Bayden has no tattoos or piercings.

Bayden Hunter Lyric3-1

Personality Overview: Heart worn on his sleeve, Bayden's very existence is an open wound of emotion, having never had reason to control them as he grew up on Delphi. He feels everything more intensely as a seer, although he defaults to a peaceful zen, maintaining an unparalleled calm most of the time. He is happy and energetic, full of life. When he has visions Bayden goes still, and often becomes frightened. He shows kindness to everyone he meets and is a gentle spirit. He is very uncomfortable around any sort of violence and will naively put himself in the way to stop it if he can. He is curious and under exposed to the rest of the system, or even what the world is like outside of the temple. He sees the best in people and tries to make himself useful where and when possible. Bayden can't stand feeling selfish and tries not to want things for himself outside of peace with others.

Interests & Hobbies: Bayden enjoys meditating, yoga, and being outside. He loves tea and sleeping under the stars when possible as he is most comfortable on land.

Bayden Hunter Lyric4-1

History: Born to unknown parents, Bayden was given up to the priestesses at the Temple of the Oracle on Delphi as a baby. The entire temple was part of raising him, discovering early on that he was gifted with foresight. He had a happy childhood, raised in the temple as he grew up in the Asterian faith. Prayer and meditation didn't suit his energetic mind the way the monks hoped it would, constantly stirring up the most harmless of troubles. Mischief is rumored to be his middle name, as his actual middle and last name do not belong to him. Alexander Hunter was the name of the monk who had Bayden as his charge, who sadly passed when Bayden was fifteen. The loss came as a heartbreaking blow, but he took comfort in knowing that Alexander's spirit was released to the Great Mother as all souls are when they are given up from the bodies.

The loss tempered him somewhat, making him easier to manage. Soon he was leading prayer groups at the request of those who took care of him, his visions constantly monitored to be sure he was safe. Often seers not tethered down somehow were known to bring harm to themselves at the unpredictable nature of their powers. Bayden was growing increasingly powerful, his ability to read another person's energy incredible, more so his ability to sense how many people were near him. His visions became even more structured, more than the brief glimpses of the future the other seers at the temple got. His had picture and sound, meaning to the often maddening teases of things to come.

The cost of these visions didn't hold adequate weight to Bayden, however, he had nothing to compare it to. Sheltered within the temple walls he grew increasingly restless, finally earning a little freedom when he was allowed to apprentice under one of the older priestesses, going into the city to give blessings and alms to those in need. When rumor of his powers caught the attention of the Senator, he was offered a chance (behind the backs of those who sheltered him) to see the system by joining a crew of her choosing. Bayden naively accepted to the displeasure of the temple, taking his opportunity to see the system on the condition he return for pilgrimage each year and return for good when he turned 25.

Family: No blood relatives known. He considers the priests and priestesses at Delphi his family.

Bayden Hunter Lyric5

Playby: Eddie Redmayne
Pilot: Shelby
RP Experience: 8 Years

Bayden Hunter Lyric6

Password: Silverwheel

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Bayden Hunter
Bayden Hunter

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Post by RED on Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:40 pm

Awww, beautiful eight ball!

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