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Nadiya Disraeli

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Nadiya Disraeli Empty Nadiya Disraeli

Post by Nadiya Disraeli on Sat Jun 07, 2014 3:34 am

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Nadiya Disraeli
|Never have I ever been clutching at your hair to cure you of some sin, but that's the kind of state I'm in: swimming in a pool of Godly medicine|

Full Name: Nadiya Renee Disraeli 
Nicknames: Nads, Doc
Formal Title: Doctor Disraeli
Position: Former trauma surgeon, Doctor of the Arion
Home Planet: Latvinia
Religion: Agnostic
Age: 24
Birthday: September 28; Libra
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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Hair Color: Chocolate Brown
Eye Color: Whiskey Brown
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130 lbs
Build: Curvy and feminine

Overall Appearance: With long, chocolate waves reaching the middle of her back and wispy bangs that frame her delicate face, Nadiya's big brown doe eyes have a way of enchanting even the sternest of patients. Everything about Nadiya is feminine and graceful. Her skin is tanned from growing up on one of Latvinia's lakes and from her time in the heat of Byzantium, soft skin covered in light freckles. Nadiya has an average build with less muscle and more curve than her female counterparts on the Arion

She typically keeps a clean face except for eye liner and mascara. When she cleans up, however, it's a wonder she didn't become a companion. Typically she wears skirts and simple blouses under her lab coat. Even when she's stuck on the ship for days at a time Nadiya wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of sweat pants. She enjoys dressing up and has a very large wardrobe at her disposal.

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Personality Overview: Never one to give in, Nadiya is exceptionally stubborn, proving to be both a blessing and a curse. Her strength of character and tenacity has helped her get far in her professional life. Filled with ambition and a drive to help people--even the stupid ones--Nadiya has had a hard time sitting still in her peaceful home on Latvinia, finding herself seeking out knowledge and adventure. Her gentle appearance shows no sign of her sometimes ill-tempered bedside manner, often giving her patients a hard time for ending up on her table, because really, you brought this upon yourself. Nadiya can seem harsh and assertive but she is honest and loyal. Her verbally aggressive nature is countered by her kind physicality, careful to inflict as little pain as possible when working on a patient. It is unclear whether she recognizes what 'personal space' is, or if she just chooses to ignore the concept of it. Nadiya is a very hands-on person, showing affection through touch and talking with her hands, a most valuable asset to her for their steady precision.

Interests & Hobbies:  Nadiya enjoys shopping, art, wine tasting, genetics, and reading. She takes great care to always be on top of current events in the scientific and social communities.

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History: Nadiya is a prime example of nurture over nature. Born to a young mother from the red light district of Minoan and an unknown father, Nadiya had no hope of a better future. Marcus Disraeli, a doctor, and his wife Valerie, an artist, were doing humanitarian work on Minoan at the time and ran into dozens of young mothers, including Nadiya's. Realizing that Nadiya was a small and sickly infant and wouldn't last the week, they decided to adopt the baby girl from her mother since they couldn't have a child themselves. The mother was relieved to have her daughter given to such a well-to-do family but only because she hoped to take advantage of that herself when Nadiya came of age.

Nadiya was taken back to Latvinia with her new parents and raised as their own. She always knew that she was adopted, the punnet squares she scribbled out with her crayons just didn't make sense. Life on Latvinia was easy and beautiful at her family home, a lake house secluded from the hustle and bustle of the cities or fields. Nadiya had a private tutor in order to keep up with her growing, bright mind. Raised to be a lady, Nadiya studied language, art, music, dance for hobbies.

At the age of 16 she left for Athens to attend the medical program, excelling alongside her peers but never working well in groups. She returned home at 20 for a few months under her father's practice. Nadiya and Marcus were home when they received a call that Valerie had been involved in an accident that had left her blind. The family held together and Nadiya returned to her studies, moving to the research center on Byzantium to finish out her training.

Byzantium proved to be the challenge she'd been looking for. Between the wildlife chewing up villagers and spitting them out on her table and the people attacking other people, she got her fair share of trauma medicine to keep her busy. At 24 she packed up, falling in with a group of traveling doctors who specialize in humanitarian aid. They provide basic health care to those who can't afford it. Nadiya felt it was good work, but it wasn't quite what she wanted, leading her to join up with the crew of the Arion.

Family: Marcus and Valerie Disraeli

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Playby: Gemma Arteron
RP Expirence: 8 years

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Password: Silverwheel

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