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Post by Liam Owens on Wed Jun 04, 2014 1:07 am

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Liam Owens
|Just a happy fool with a big heart|

Full Name: Liam Adam Owens
Nicknames: Li
Formal Title or Rank: Sergeant (formerly) 
Position: Defense Personnel 
Home Planet: Byzantium
Religion: Agnostic
Age: 29
Birthday: June 24; Cancer
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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Hair Color: Chocolate Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 265 lbs
Build: Thick with muscle and strong like an ox

Overall Appearance: Liam's tall and imposing stature is nothing to shake a stick at. Coming in at six foot four inches this mammoth of a man would be considered by most intimidating. Liam has naturally tanned skin and his thick lashes make his hazel eyes stand out more. Through his left eyebrow and across that cheekbone a scar run through from a fight in his younger years. Under that same eye he has two moles dotting the apples of his cheek. He has dreadlocks that come just past his shoulders when he wears them down. Typically, however, they are all put away in a thick ponytail he keeps together with a leather tie.

His broad chest is flecked with scars from years of trouble and his left forearm has a geometric tattoo wrapped around it. Liam most often wears baseball cut shirts, loose fitting and comfortable or tank tops when he's doing physical activity. Often he wears leather bracers on his forearms along with assorted jewelry. He prefers cargo pants as they give him room to carry equally assorted weapons, never one to be left unarmed and with a trusty buoy knife in his boot. 

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Personality Overview: Always cheerful and eternally optimistic, Liam would be the last person most people pegged to be a mercenary. Liam learned from a young age how to rely on himself. Liam's upbringing also led to him developing a knack of getting himself into trouble, often taking dangerous risks for little reason other than for thrills and a story to tell. Luckily, with age and enough scars he's learned when picking a fight isn't actually the best option. Liam has earned wisdom through his years and functions on a level of calm to rival any monk but he isn't necessarily the smartest man around, especially compared to some of his crew mates.

Despite a hard life that would have broken weaker men, Liam still looks at the galaxy with a light-hearted and unshakeable optimism. Always willing to defend the innocent and fight for a good cause, Liam is loyal to a fault and an invaluable ally to anyone who earns his friendship. Having seen the very worst in people Liam strives to always put his best self forward, trying to avoid getting mixed up in any sorts of addictions or vices. As part of his personal best he prides himself on having an honor code, chivalrous towards men and women alike, a gentleman as best he can manage. When the heat is on, he does what needs doin' without taking any marks against his conscious. He understands that even with his ideals what they are, sometimes people just need their heads knocked together to sort them out. 

Interests & Hobbies: Liam is quite fond of collecting tea and knives. He enjoys abstract art and all things outdoors.

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History: Liam was born into a poor, but loving family on Byzantium. He enjoyed nothing more than running wild in the vast, sprawling jungles and diving off waterfalls. When rumors of breaking away from the alliance that kept the Summit together his family began to grow nervous but it never phased young Liam. Not until the revolt began. It hit too close to home for Liam, his village split into factions with very different ideas for the future, creating a volatile situation. The separatists became increasingly aggressive and during one of their raids of the peaceful villagers, killed Liam's parents and younger siblings in front of him. His mother was able to shield him with her body. He narrowly escaped death but was orphaned and alone in the world. Distant family sent for him and he left the village he'd grown up in to live with cousins on another part of the planet. 

When he turned 18 he left Byzantium to go to Sparthan where he joined the Summit's military. The hurt he'd faced as a young child left imprints on his heart that made him act out, picking fights. Because the military required at least four years of service he felt trapped in the arrangement. Because of his independent spirit he quickly discovered he wasn't cut out for the military and left when his four years were up, becoming a gun-for-hire instead. He spent the time on Sparthan scraping by and keeping his nose cleaner now that he felt he was his own man. While he took up drinking more occasionally, he stopped drinking as much, leading to fewer fights. The alcohol was to make up for other vices he never picked up, like gambling, drugs, or prostitution. 

He took contracts as a bounty hunter, finding deserters or runaways and bringing them back alive. He never once killed of his bounties, having had his fair share of bloodshed already. While Liam has a heart of gold, he doesn't flinch when he pulls a trigger. If it's up to him, he won't kill someone if he can get by with knocking them out instead. Soon enough he fell in with a legitimate operation, running security for the Arion and her crew

Family: All are deceased. 

Liam Owens Lyric5

Playby: Jason Mamoa
Pilot: Shelby
RP Expirence: Eight Years

Liam Owens Lyric6

Password: Silverwheel

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Liam Owens
Liam Owens

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Post by RED on Fri Jun 06, 2014 9:55 pm

Gahhh, that face. I love him.

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