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Arielle Hart

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Post by Arielle Hart on Tue Jun 03, 2014 5:56 pm

Arielle Hart Lyric1-1-1

Arielle Hart Tumblr_mnn3anpalk1r7a05bo1_500
Arielle Hart
|We're Smiling All the Same|

Full Name: Arielle Marie Hart
Nicknames: Ari, Miss Hart
Formal Title/Military Rank: Pilot
Position: Pilot of the Arion
Home Planet: Delphi
Religion: Asterian
Age: 21
Birthday: February 19th; Aquarius
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Arielle Hart Lyric2-1

Hair Color:Born Blonde, Constantly Dyed a pale pink
Eye Color: Brown
Height: Five feet, 7 inchs
Weight: 120 pounds
Build: Petite and feminine

Overall Appearance: Arielle is in one word, adorable. She's small little thing both in height and in muscle, she is far from being a strong individual. Her brown eyes are always bright and taking everything in. Her most noticeable feature however is her hair, the bright pale pink is kept very well. Never letting her roots show through. So, most people don't even know that her natural color is blonde.

Arielle's style are a lot of floral patterns, on light colors. Poka-dots are also a favorite of hers, most importantly a little black dress with white spots on it. Skirts and dresses are her thing. Pants are a rare sight on her, it is something she will wear, but only when a skirt or dress is highly unlikely. shoe wise, is mostly ballet flats of some sort. Her clothes are always matching in some way, for being in the less fashionable job, she makes an effort to give herself a little color.

Arielle Hart Lyric3-1

Personality Overview: Arielle is always cheerful, its rare sight to see her bummed out of sad, and if she is, it's usually a really bad time for her. She's quirky and bubbly, and sees the best in everyone, thinking them all great people until she's proven wrong. She seems somewhat naive at first glance, that she might not be ready for the real world. But she's a quick thinker that can figure out problems pretty well.

Arielle is also harmless in every sense. Her bark is worse than her bite, and even then its more of a cute sight seeing her get angry over anything. But she doesn't hate people, she never will, forgiveness is one of her greatest qualities. Arielle is selfless, in a frighteningly dangerous way. She will put herself in front of danger to save a complete stranger if she had the choice. Even though as she sees it, its not even a choice.

Interests & Hobbies: Pink, Arielle loves pink, and flowers, and bunnies.

Arielle Hart Lyric4-1

History: Arielle has always been like the most girly child in her family. Quirky even growing up, she was her fathers little angel, always dancing with her while her older sister was all brain and heading toward the Academy or toward politics. Arielle on the other hand, was graceful and quick, less interested in any issues between people and more of just everyone getting along. Of course she knew at an early age people didn't do what they should do.

As a child her favorite time of year was the festival of colors, being a true lover of everything bright and joyful, this was an event truly sent from The Great Mother. Even now she looks back and always wants the crew to steer toward Delphi around that time.

Her mother died when she was 13, and Arielle had to watch her father's health decline and her sister leave the home forever. She started dying her hair in this time, at first doing something simple like the tips pink, something no one would really notice at first. To eventually going full blown pink. Her father came back to life a few years later, seeing Arielle as his little angel again. And for two years they had a simple peaceful life.

When Arielle turned 17, her father put options out for her, he didn't want to see her alone with him for the rest of her life, when he knew that she had the potential to do something great. The Academy or Flight school. Arielle picked flight school, and shipped off hesitantly to Sparthan. At first the the harsh planet was not nearly something Arielle had in mind for her life. She loved color, and here there was very little. Her pink hair got a little more vibrant during those years, to counteract the planet she was stuck on.

Two years later she was certified at 19 years old, and even then had to stay on the planet she hated so much. People started to overlook her for being so young and not think her to have the experience to fly. So she started helping out at the flight school to pass the time. Her hair turned pale pink again, and finally Ryan and crew picked her up as the pilot.

Family:Lucas Hart -father, Belinda Hart -mother(deceased), Scarlett Hart - Older sister

Arielle Hart Lyric5

Playby: Scarlett Johansson
Pilot: Red
RP Expirence: Decade

Arielle Hart Lyric6

Password: Silverwheel

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Arielle Hart
Arielle Hart

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Post by Shelby on Tue Jun 03, 2014 8:25 pm

Looks awesome!

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